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The POWER SCHOOL Strength Gym Delivers World Class Coaching & Training Focused On Helping Your Child Achieve Powerful Improvements In BOTH Sports AND Life.

Greater Strength
– Improve Speed, Power & Explosiveness
– Dramatic Improvement in Confidence
– Reduce Chances of Injuries
– Develop Mental Toughness
– Nutrition Guidance
– Develop Self Motivation, Discipline & Desire To Succeed
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After working with and learning from Zach Even-esh and the team at Underground Strength training, we are able to pull it in-house at
Full Count.  This will allow us to offer MORE training sessions while reducing the fees to participate.  You get more for less and the best part is we still have the training provided by Casey Poulsen.
We appreciate all Zach has done for Casey and Full Count.  This allows Zach to devote more focus to the Rutgers Athletic Teams strength training programs. He has put us on this path to succeed in providing the best strength and conditioning for all local athletes. The sign up for session will change from Underground to Power School.
The transition to the New Power School will begin on Saturday December 2nd 2017
There will be a 9am and 10am class

The registration process is a simple registration link for individual classes - first come, first served

Here is the Power School schedule:
   Monday    5pm 6pm  7pm
   Tuesday  6pm  7pm 8pm
   Wednesday  6pm  7pm
   Thursday 5pm 6pm 7pm
   Saturday  9am 10am
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Piscataway Wrestlers commit to strength training for their off-season work

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