Fundraising Information

Dear Player and Parent,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you about fundraising opportunities that we have set up for you. Remember, fundraising is optional and is available to you to help defer your tuition costs. All fundraising is handled on an individual basis. What this means is the money that your family raises will go to your personal Full Count account, and not a team account. Please see below for information.

Super Bowl Pool:

We will be running an online Super Bowl Pool for your club. You can access this pool by clicking on the link below.

Here is what to do:

To reserve a box, simply click on the box you wish to buy.
From there you will have to fill in your name, email address and password.
(Password: fc14u)
Each box must be sold for $20.00.
($10.00 will go towards your own personal tuition, and the other $10.00 will go into the pot for the prize money)

All money must be submitted to Jeannine Thompson at the front desk prior to the start of the Super Bowl. When you submit the money please do so with a note of which boxes you have sold in your name. This way we know to credit your account the correct dollar amount. From there, the money will be split into your account and for the payouts to the winner. The payouts will be as follows, $300.00 to halftime winner and $700.00 to the final score winner.

Everyone can monitor the pool grid by simply clicking on the link above, this is a live document. You can see who bought which box and who won each prize. The numbers for the pool are computer generated at a click of a button by myself when all boxes are sold. We have done this in the past and received great feedback from those who participated.

In addition to the Super Bowl Pool, we are offering advertising space in our 2015 Media Guide as well as our Full Count Website. The media guide is a well-organized, full color media guide that highlights players in our program; displays team rosters, club schedules, alumni information, as well as current and future programs offered at the academy. We have had a lot of interest in this so far. I have generated a template which is attached to this email, so that you may have an idea of what the media guide will look like. This will NOT be the final copy.

Please understand that this is not just a throw away donation, we intend to create value for your business, charity cause, or group. The media guide book will also be displayed electronically on our web site for promotion. We will distributed this electronically twice a year at the beginning of May and at the end of August. This distribution will be made to anyone that accesses our website which will include parents of other players, our current parents of our ever expanding 12 teams, high school and college coaches, just to name a few. We will also distributed the media guide at all 5 different tournaments that we will be hosting throughout the year, at our player interest work outs that are conducted twice a year, direct emailing’s of over 5,300 recipients, at our summer and winter camps, and also in our academy.

This media guide will go a long way in helping defray the training cost for any parents that are willing to participate. I have attached a price sheet for your review. As I said before, your support will help offset some of your costs of uniforms, equipment, tournaments deposits, scholarship opportunities, travel cost associated, recruitment efforts, and in production of the media guide itself.

Web Site Opportunity

Our web site has over 2,000 views per week.
The Clubs Page is our most viewed page with an average of 150 views a day.
Media Ad Cost
Front Page Logo placement
Back of Front Page
Back Page
Inside Back Page
Full Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page
Business Card
Acknowledgments Line
Web Site Ad Cost
Home Page Logos placement
Under the Slider
Club Page margins
Under Latest News
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