Why Do Parents Love Us?

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  • 01 Aug, 2016

Too bad we didn't save all the emails from our happy baseball families.  Here are a handful of real unedited exchanges...

 Hi Matt,

I wanted to let you know DJ McGuinness is interested in staying with FC for the Fall season. We appreciate you and your coaching staffs professionalism and organization . I’ve personally watched DJ grow as a ballplayer with the help of your organization and coaching staff. Specifically, Coach Graticos is a class act, hard-worker, excellent coach and positive role model for these boys. I hope he stays with the 15U team as DJ and all the boys have learned a great deal from him.

I can’t say enough positive things about your program and I hope the referrals help to express my gratitude.

Please feel free to contact me anything if you ever need anything or have any questions.

Thank you,

Dennis McGuiness


First off I want to thank you for providing such a welcoming atmosphere prior to Joshua even attending a try out. The personal contact, the quick responses, the reaching out to follow-up on Joshua are things that are valued and appreciated and didn't go unnoticed.

This initial experience with you and Full Count's philosophy of being player centered and family oriented along with the goals and objectives of your program for young men, all contributed to Joshua's decision as well as mine to accept your invitation for him to play for the 15u club this fall.

Quick story from the try-out process to give you a peek inside of Joshua ---- after the 1st night when he nearly passed out Joshua was completely embarrassed and felt like he made the worst first impression. Then last night he had a less than stellar round at batting and didn't perform anywhere near to what he is capable and shared with me that he felt he had blew it. After you spoke with us and gave us a verbal invite, Joshua asked me on the ride home why your program would want him after his performance. Instead of answering his question, I asked him what happened to him during his at bats? He candidly told me he was really nervous and that he really wanted to make the team. That he didn't realize how bad he wanted it until he stepped up to bat. Normally Joshua is the most confident kid you'll ever meet - not cocky or conceited - but truly confident in who he is and his abilities. So for him to say he was nervous was a big deal. I told him to remember that feeling because his nerves represent one thing -- that he still cares about the game he loves to play and that it truly matters to him. And his response to me was maybe that's why Full Count is giving me an opportunity - maybe they could see that in me even though my try-out wasn't great.

It is that personal impression that Joshua picked up from your program and staff just from being around it a few weeks that made his decision to accept your invitation very easy over other club offers he has received. Thank you for providing what I foresee as a great opportunity for Joshua to be around not only a program that will help him develop as a player and support his goals and provide him the tools necessary to succeed and meet his objectives but also an atmosphere which fosters care and appreciation of Joshua beyond simply being a baseball player.

Thank you again and we look forward to Joshua's future with Full Count.



Now that the fall season has come to a close, I would like to thank you both as well as ALL of the coaches and staff at Full Count that have been involved in the instruction of our son.

We were introduced to your program via a flyer last winter that was forwarded by the FTBL and stated you were looking for a few players to round out your Cooperstown team. From the moment Ben and I walked in the door for the tryout you and your staff made us feel like family and that has never stopped being true since that day. Your program made it possible for Ben to have that Cooperstown experience that he and our family will remember for a lifetime.

After Cooperstown was over, you offered him the opportunity to play for your organization in the fall. The invitation could not have come at a better time. Once he met and played for Ruben and your entire staff (Chuck, Shane, and Christian just to mention a few) there was no going back. The connection he made with the coaches sparked a new level of enthusiasm in playing the game he loves.

The addition of the Underground Training is icing on the cake . Ben loves those instructors as well. Besides the fact that your entire staff is fantastic, the parents of the other players are all friendly and pulling on the same rope. That's a very big plus when your spending so much time together.

Once again we just wanted to say thanks and we are very much looking forward to Spring 2017 and beyond.

Best Regards,
Carmen and Holly

From: Matt Belford 
To: Claire G
Sent: Friday, November 21
Subject: congrats!

 Chris and Claire Congrats on the acceptance and DI oppurtunity at NJIT.

Coudnt have happened to a better family, Chris you should be proud. I know we are at Full Count


Coach Matt and Coach Tim

Thank you so much and it could not have happened without Full Count!! It is an exciting time.


  We would like to thank you & your staff for putting Yanni in a position to continue playing baseball in college. He is all settled in and is excited to start practice next week.  

You all did an excellent job preparing the kids to play at the next level . You run a great organization. Full Count will be highly recommended by us.  

Again THANK YOU & we will keep you up to date on Yanni's college & baseball career.  

Chris & Stella V.



Just a quick word of thanks- Kevin had a good meeting yesterday with the Lafayette head coach who basically said the reason he was talking to Kevin was due to Tim reaching out to him and the reputation of Full Count. I know we didn't make it easy this summer by trying to balance football showcases. I am not sure how this will play out but just wanted to thank you again for running a class organization.


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Hi Tim and Coaches,
I wanted to thank the Full Count organization, especially Coach Esperon and Coach Schlitzer for a positive first year with Full Count. I know my son (Christian) had a great experience with the coaches and players. When we started a search for a club team (about a year ago) we were impressed with the how the club was organized, the quality of players and success of both players/teams (success at the time defined as getting players to continue playing baseball at the next level). We are still new to all things recruiting so having the expertise and guidance will be helpful along the way. After this initial season, I also feel that success should be measured by how the players are developed and I know Christian continued to learn how to play the game the right way throughout the summer season and thought the coaches did a great job of sticking to the strategies and always looking for teaching opportunities .

Christian won't be able to attend Fall tryouts due to his commitment to his High School football team however he is very much committed to being part of Full Count for the next Summer season. We will continue to stay in touch and follow the team through this Fall season.

I am encouraged to see that the 2017 club will continue to develop into a showcase club. My only wish this past season would have been for the team to have more success on the field, not for the wins but for the extra at-bats, innings and games against quality teams. I know Full Count likes to keep the class year together but would like to request an opportunity for Christian to tryout with the 2016 team next summer. I know there is a lot of time between now and then and the current make-up of the 2017 team may change but wanted to put the request in if possible.

Thank you again and good luck this Fall season.


Ethan has been playing "club ball" since the summer before second grade. He is now going into 8th.

This U13 year was the best experience he has had to date. He has learned so much, grown so much as a player and a young adult, given the opportunity for so many experiences and had a great time along the way. Thank you "Full Count" and FUll Count coaches.

I know my vote counts oh so much ( insert laughter here) but if there is any way to keep these U13 coaches or even just one of them for the U14 team - many would be so thrilled about that. I know that is not common practice but wanted to communicate my thoughts anyway.

Hope you received Ethan's Bar Mitzvah invitation.
See you in Cooperstown .

Hi Matt,

  This is Rich R from South Brunswick. Hope all is well with you. I wanted to drop you a line and let you know Sean made the travel squad at Montclair State . I want to thank you for your advice when we spoke last winter. My wife and I had concerns having Sean go to Montclair because of the academics part of the equation as well as the talent coach brings in every year. He had other options for college that we considered because of academics and for baseball that we thought would potentially be a better fit but Sean wanted Montclair ever since he went to their camp his junior year in HS. I remember you saying that if coach is interested in Sean he needs to be challenged and to go for it.  

Well he did and we got the great news last week. Thanks again for your suggestions and support. H e is having a positive experience so far and is keeping up with his school work which is the most important part. Thanks again. All the best.  



I wish I could have been there to witness it myself.  Scott said the semi-final and championship games were two of the most intense games he has ever played. He was still pumped up about it when he came home at 2:30 am and continues to talk about it to all his friends. We are truly grateful for the opportunity he was given to be a part of the team.   Your exemplary leadership as a coach has strengthened his skills and given him the confidence he needs to play at the next level. We are so happy to be a part of the Full Count Family.


Sheri D


By info 11 Jul, 2017

Coach Belford,

  My son, Justin Ciambrone, is extremely interested in continuing his baseball career with Full-Count. In the past year with the program his skills have developed dramatically. In addition his respect for the game continue to grow.

  The program is well structured with committed leadership and coaches. The level of teaching has been excellent.

Justin has often said this is where he wants to play until college. In my mind that speaks volumes to the example the program sets for him. As a parent to watch his focus, drive and determination develop and strengthen is extremely rewarding.

  The coaching staff is excellent, they demonstrate professionalism and the boys are able to see how to always conduct themselves . In addition they are very patient about teaching and coaching to allow the boys to become their best.

  Hoping to hear from you soon that he is invited to stay with the club.

  Regina Ciambrone

By info 03 Apr, 2017

ALL Athletes should get a heavy jump stretch band and perform 10-15 minutes of daily stretching. This is a BIG component of your training and many who complain of tight hips or lower back stiffness are the same athletes who do NOT stretch at home.

REMEMBER: You MUST be a self thinker and self doer. Do work on your OWN, that is the mark of a successful athlete and overall, a successful person.


4 Strategies to Stay Mobile During The School Year

By: Andrew Wary

Tight backs and hips, aching knees, these are things that should not plague the high school athlete, but they do. There are many things to blame such as sitting in school, busses to and from games/matches, playing video games etc. No matter the reason and or excuse there are some simple fixes that you can employ throughout the day to save yourselves from aches and tightness.

  1. Posture is everything.   Not only will it keep your body aligned properly, a good posture will exude confidence. Whether sitting or standing, your posture will aid you or destroy you. Here’s a checklist to keep yourself proper:
    1. Chest up
    2. Shoulders back
    3. Chin up
    4. Hips positioned even from side to side
  2. Stretching,   to an extent, will help undo the havoc that being cramped in a desk, car, or chair all day causes.  Yoga is tremendous for student athletes. Now I am not saying to go to a hot yoga studio with a bunch of 30 year old women, instead save your money and YouTube search hip opening yoga, it’s free and it’s like magic for your back and lower body. If you do not have confidence to perform yoga here is a list of stretches to focus on. Perform these 30 seconds at a time, 2-3 times a day:
    1. Couch Stretch
    2. Pidgeon Pose
    3. Cobra
    4. Elevated Hamstring Stretch
  3. Release techniques such as foam rolling should be used. Doing this will help to ensure less ‘tight’ muscles along with aiding warming up and recovering from intense workouts. Roller techniques should be taught by your coaches, and if they have not, make sure to ask and we will teach you!

  4. Movement is obviously important to staying mobile. During off days from practice and training, you should still be moving. Moving doesn’t have to be anything crazy strenuous, simple things like walking outside, hiking, a bike ride, or a pickup game of football will suffice. Moving more when possible instead of sitting around will help with chronic mobility issues and general muscle tightness.

Student athletes must realize that in order to be the best, they have to do what it takes to be the best. This includes staying mobile and uninjured.

Take advantage of these 4 strategies to keep your body ready for anything during the school year.

By info 19 Aug, 2016

Matt,  of course Tim will be in college this fall so he will not be playing with Full Count. I can not thank everyone at Full Count enough for all that you have done for Tim. Because of you asking him to play in Select Fest, he was noticed by St John Fisher.  

Tim could not be happier and more excited about going to this college from every aspect-baseball, academics and everything else about the school. My wife and I also can not happier about where he is going. We were up there this week for orientation and we all feel even more strongly about what a great school he is going to.

 Thank you again for all that Full Count has done for Tim and our family. If there is anything we can do to help Full Count or promote Full Count (other then that we already tell a lot of people how great it is), please let us know. 

Ken Geissel


Cole would definitely like to continue. Nick has been a major influence and a large part of why Cole was able to get college interest. I’d be happy to speak with you at anytime to express my sincere feelings about Nick.


Thank you,

Scott Benner

By info 01 Aug, 2016

 Hi Matt,

I wanted to let you know DJ McGuinness is interested in staying with FC for the Fall season. We appreciate you and your coaching staffs professionalism and organization . I’ve personally watched DJ grow as a ballplayer with the help of your organization and coaching staff. Specifically, Coach Graticos is a class act, hard-worker, excellent coach and positive role model for these boys. I hope he stays with the 15U team as DJ and all the boys have learned a great deal from him.

I can’t say enough positive things about your program and I hope the referrals help to express my gratitude.

Please feel free to contact me anything if you ever need anything or have any questions.

Thank you,

Dennis McGuiness

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