League Administrators

We have some tools to make your league more successful

We have the resources you need to run killer practices, line up the most effective drills, separate your team from the rest of the league and get your team playing two levels above their skill level... GUARANTEED!

Full count offers baseball instruction, baseball clinics, hitting, pitching, catching lessons, expert video analysis and cage rentals.
We've got all the tools you need to succeed.  Heck we'll even send a coach to your practice to make your life easier and reinforce your game plan.

1- Fundraisers -  Need help generating money for your league - we can help
2- Player Draft - Use our unbiased experts and evaluator tools to draft your teams
3- Your Own Camps - We can set up and run your own league camps in the off season
4- Coaches Clinics and Training

  • Fall 2016 13U White USABL Ridge Octoberfest Champions

    Congratulations Boys!!! We're so proud of you.
    Coaches Shane Alvarez and Rahman Turner

  • GREAT WEEKEND! Our 17/18U Full Count Prospects

    Won the TagEm "FALL SHOWCASE V" 18U Wood Bat Tourney this weekend on superb pitching and solid defense allowing only 3 runs in 4 games. Team photo above.

    Our 16U also went 4-0 in the Victor Allegretti 16U Memorial Showcase

  • Bring Your Team In for Work

    Rent the batting cages and pitching tunnel as well as the fielding turf.

    Book It!
  • We'll Run Your League Camps

    Great way to bring in some revenue for the league
    as well as making your players better!

  • Coaches Clincs

    Get your coaches on the winning path.
    Let us coach the coaches for you.

  • Indoor Rentals

    Work Out ALL Year no matter what the weather

Coaching baseball!
Hitting Mechanics
How to coach kids in baseball
Earning Respect as a coach
Baseball Position Training
Underground Strength Training

Full Count Systems Work To Get Your League Running

Managing a league is hard.  There is never enough time to work parents, players and coaches.  We can fix that.

We will supply ALL the tools we need to get help your league, coaches and players:

  1) Team Training
-  Small groups who work together on the fundamentals of the game in a workshop setting.  These are great for players, parents and coaches who want to improve their knowledge.  Practice Planning, Team Defense, Team offense we create the instructional breakdown for your team.

 2) Evaluation Session - FREE.  Give our experts a chance to meet you, the coach to understand your goals, challenges and current status.  Together, we lay out a perfect plan for your team.

 3) Pitching Cages - There is no better way to improve arm strength, pitching mechanics and increased muscle memory than regular sessions in the pitching cages.  Stars at every level do this.

 4) Pitching Program - Velocity Pitching and Are Care Program.  We are the ONLY NJ certified baseball academy to offer this program.  See the video

  5) Batting Cages - We all know the key to improvement is repetition, repetition, repetition.  Our state of the art batting cages will get every player ready to add 10 to 50 points to your batting average.

  6) Camps- FUN.  This is one of the best ways to show players of ALL levels how to enjoy the sport while improving.  Camps provide a fun, safe and structured environment for everyone. Compare a week of this to a week of child watching and arts-n-crafts and see which they like better.  Local towns use this as a major fundraiser for the league.

  7) Clinics -  Check back to ourFacebook pageand our Events Page on our website regularly for some of the best clinics in the tri-state area.  We put together experts in the game for you.  Send your coaches in to sharpen their skills.

  8) Team Training -  Small groups who work together on the fundamentals of the game in a workshop setting.  These are great for players, parents and coaches who want to improve their knowledge.

  9) Strength Conditioning -  We are lucky enough to have the top strength training coaching team, UNDERGROUND STRENGTH TRAINING in house using our state of the art, fully equipped gym to help all our athletes safely and effectively get stronger and faster. Strength adds distance to you hitting and MPH to your throwing.

  10) Personal training - Studies prove that people who use a trainer to reach their goals, achieve those goals 77% faster.  The other benefit is to do it safely from trained and certified experts.

  11) Video Training - We are creating, compiling and archiving hours and hours of specialized and focused videos to help us transfer the keys to success quickly.  Our members will be able to access an ever growing library of how to's at their convenience.

 12) Video Analysis  - The most effective training tool in the sports world today is the video analysis. To have the ability to break down mechanics into a step by step system can now be done by using this powerful option.  We teach, train, analyze, correct, adjust and show all the athletes what and how to have better mechanics for throwing, batting, fielding and pitching.  Many players immediately say "OH THAT'S WHAT YOU MEAN"  it's awesome!  

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